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ul. Marsz. J. Piłsudskiego 74 lokal 320

50-020 Wrocław

Company’s branch

Zajeziorze 78

27-650 Samborzec

Representative in Warsaw

Phone +48 512 212 959

Pat Solutions

NIP 8981986570
Regon 021869173


Phone 733 733 340


Bank account details

Bank ING Bank Śląski
46 1050 1575 1000 0092 5193 4577

We provide our services to clients from many Polish cities.

Call us: 733 733 340

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Do you handle comprehensive relocations?

Yes, of course, we undertake projects starting from disassembly through transport to assembly and commissioning.

Do you provide services throughout the country?

Yes, we provide services throughout the country?

Do you provide services outside Poland?

Yes, we provide services throughout Europe.

Do you also provide services within the scope assembly and disassembly of steel constructions?
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